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    Traditional & Contemporary Mindfulness: Finding the Middle Path in the Tangle of Concerns, Monteiro, L., Musten, R.F. & Compson, J. (2015). Mindfulness, Vol 6, Issue 1.

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    Order from Friesen Press: Mindfulness Starts Here is an 8-week step-by-step guide to mindfulness practices.

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    Mindfulness Practice

        Living skillfully requires attention to this moment. Past and future guide our choices, however the present is the only space where we can fully engage with life.

        Mindfulness is the open stance we take in this moment permitting recognition of a wide range of choices available to us.

        Each moving moment is opportunity to practice skillful means.

        Practice reveals nuances of change in ourselves and our environment.  It alerts us to adjust our actions, speech, and thoughts appropriately.

        We can prevent relapse into past behaviours that have resulted in non-beneficial outcomes, and select behaviours that permit full engagement in our lives.

    The M4 Program

        The M4 courses are based on the ideas of wholeness and interconnectedness taught in Mindfulness-Based Interventions.  It teaches a framework for accessing the healthy aspects of of our lives if we are suffering from various psychological distresses.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is the quality of attention we bring to the events in our lives. It is the process of bringing our awareness to what we are doing at the time we are doing it. It is purposely being engaged in our actions, feelings, physical sensations, and thoughts. Becoming aware of where our attention is, we can bring it back gently to its original intention, return gently to our original purpose. This increases our choices in a situation, preventing automatic reactions from diverting us from our path.

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